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Regulating diabetes doesn’t always require insulin

 There are alternatives that you can speak with your healthcare provider about to decide if an alternative treatment is the right option for you. As a reminder, never adjust or modify current control regimens without supervision of a qualified provider.
Diabetes can be a life-threatening condition and requires diligence in monitoring and consistency of care. Discussing what your individual diabetic needs are with a healthcare professional who has extensive experience in alternative management of diabetes can be different than talking with a family practice physician. New clients are welcome to schedule a consultation with Premier Physical Medicine to discuss these alternative options for diabetes treatment. 

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic illness that usually begins in early adulthood, but it can also arise during middle age. It occurs when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body cannot effectively use its own insulin. People with diabetes have high blood sugar levels, which can cause serious health problems.

Typically, diabetes is managed with medications and exercise, but there are a number of additional options to help a person manage their blood sugar levels. These include dietary supplements for diabetes, diabetes diet plan cook books , diabetes remedies and alternative medicine treatments for diabetes . The good news is many of these options do not have any adverse side effects on the body

Diabetic Treatments

Diabetic treatment plans

Diabetic treatment plans from Premier Physical Medicine are medication free. These treatments involve lifestyle changes such as regulating your carbohydrate intake, supplementing minerals, drinking additional water, managing stress, and getting more sleep. 

Diabetes management

Making just one of these lifestyle changes can greatly impact your diabetes management and help you control your diabetes over the long term. There’s no better time than today to make changes that will improve your tomorrow. If you feel you are ready to make a change, call our experts at Premier Physical Medicine to schedule your free consult now.

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