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Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an alternative to traditional methods of medicine that is appealing to many different people. Functional medicine allows for self-healing for chronic problems and can be personally tailored to each person. Functional medicine embraces the most current science in diagnosing early abnormalities that lead to chronic illness. 

What can you expect from functional medicine?

Instead of pharmaceutical agents, functional medicine uses botanicals and other forms of nutritional supplementation. Functional medicine can complement traditional medicine and work together to fight chronic disease. Examples of slow-developing chronic disease that can be treated with functional medicine include:

  • Hypertension
  • Low Thyroid
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular Damage
  • Mental Illness
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Back Problems

Chronic disease results in mental, emotional, and physical effects that can take a toll on anyone. It can be tough to manage everything in our fast-paced lives and keep stress in check. The result of this stress can be poor diet, drug use, accidents, lack of exercise and sleep, and more. When these issues are prevalent, it increases the chances of diabetes. 

Patient Testimonials

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IV Nutrient Therapy

Vitamins and nutrients are needed at optimal levels in your body to help you perform and live your day-to-day life to your full potential. Feeling too tired to complete tasks, feeling dehydrated, or feeling like you are always catching a cold are not ways to live better. Finding what your body needs to run at optimal capacity is our job.

Premier Physical Medicine can put together an IV nutrient therapy program for you. With the use of IV infusion, you should begin feeling better very quickly.

Discuss Treatment Options

Vitamin IV and injection therapy involve the administration of potent blends of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients designed to deliver far more noticeable results than those of oral and traditional medications. IV infusion therapy can be used to treat the following issues:

  • Energy & Performance 
  • Illness 
  • Weak Immune System 
  • Age Management
  • Detox
  • Chronic Fatigue 
  • Plaque in the Arteries 
  • Malnutrition

Talk to Premier Physical Medicine about scheduling a consultation to discuss our Vitamin IV injection therapy treatments.

Take a Proactive Approach

Functional medicine can help our patients avoid becoming high-risk candidates for diabetes. Enabling your body to heal itself will help you fight back against stress damage. An alternative medicine solution from Premier Physical Medicine can help you improve your short-term quality of life and take charge of your health with lifestyle adjustments. 

Schedule a consultation with the helpful experts at Premier Physical Medicine. We can provide long-term solutions to chronic health problems. We do more than simply treat the symptoms. We treat each patient individually based on their medical history and can help you find relief from your issues so you can live a healthier life. Our team is proud to offer our solutions to clients throughout League City, TX; Sugar Land, TX; and Pearland, TX.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is personally tailored medicine. It deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of chronic disease rather than simply removing or masking symptoms once they arise. Functional medicine emphasizes true healing, treatment of the person rather than a disease, and a partnership of joint responsibility between doctor and patient, with the patient carrying most of the load. It also embraces the most current science in diagnosing early abnormalities that eventually lead to chronic illness.

Functional medicine uses botanicals and other forms of nutritional supplementation rather than pharmaceutical agents that create high levels of stress damage. Under the influence of functional medicine, “old age” is not what it used to be, anti-aging is now a science, and optimized living is the “new normal” for people of every age. In light of the above points, one should view functional medicine as a complement to traditional medicine and not an alternative. Systems of health protection should work together where possible. One approach cannot serve all of “heaven and earth.”

Why Do We Need Functional Medicine?

Chronic disease, as a rule, is slow to develop. Examples are diabetes, cardiovascular damage, hypertension, low thyroid, cancer, mental illness, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, and back problems. Long-term predictions for such chronic diseases keep rising because the physical, emotional, and mental effects of stress are overwhelming us. This stress comes from poor diet, a toxic environment, drugs, accidents, nervous system impairments, emotional reactions to life, mental overload, lack of exercise, and insufficient sleep. Even falling in love is stressful!

Diabetes is quickly becoming an epidemic, so traditional medicine is planning to target “high-risk” individuals with ever-more dramatic drug interventions. Researchers, of course, hope to enhance the quality of life while health insurance and pharmaceutical companies hope to enhance profits. Yet, the physical, emotional, mental, and economic side effects of drug interventions leave us with a sobering message, one having little to do with healing or quality of life. Isn’t it time for a “sanity check”?

Functional medicine works to keep you from becoming a high-risk disease candidate in the first place. The rule is simple: prevent disease states from developing now so there’s nothing to “treat” later. But if you already happen to be riding the risk rollercoaster (typical for people over 30), you can start reversing some or most of the acquired stress damage by enabling your body to heal itself. This is very different from suppressing disease signs or symptoms with drugs, as is done with statins or thyroid medications to make lab measurements look better.

Functional Medicine: Boost your Quality of Life

Traditional Western medicine and its doctors are the finest in the world for dealing with acute care such as the diagnosis and treatment of trauma or short-duration illnesses in need of urgent care. For example, a traumatic car accident, appendicitis, or a broken leg. For such harrowing situations, you want traditional medicine in your corner! But to stave off chronic problems or diseases, to better control or even reverse disease states and debilitation, and to train people in the art and science of wellness and self-healing, functional medicine is better suited for developing and maintaining a higher quality of life well into one’s senior years.

Who Qualifies For This Type of Proactive Approach?

Here’s the catch. People must qualify themselves to follow the prevention approaches of functional medicine and optimized living. Although a prevention or wellness lifestyle is highly rewarding, it is not for the timid. Such a lifestyle requires us to understand how the Big Five Stress Agents mislead us and reduce our collective wellness.

The Big Five Stress Agents or Triggers are; Foods, Bugs, Stress, Hormones and Toxins. The problem is that most people have fallen victim to the harmful mental pattern of hoping rather than (pro)acting. They hope they will somehow fare better than others whom they know are suffering degraded lifestyles. Hope, however, doesn’t have a good track record for preventing chronic disease. But hey, hope is easy!

So, what are some of the harmful mental patterns you may inadvertently hold? Here are a few examples. Do any fit you?

You’ll pop a pill as a quick fix for almost anything to improve your short-term quality of life.
You think your doctor’s job is to take charge of your health and “fix” you when symptoms arise.
Your physical activity has decreased with each passing year because you think you’re supposed to slow down as your calendar age rises.

How can functional medicine help?

You want your body to act and recover as it did in your teens and 20s. Hint: It can’t and won’t without ongoing lifestyle adjustments.
Please consider this: Most cancers incubate 10 years or more before they are finally detectible. An even longer incubation period applies to the metabolic abnormalities that lead to diabetes. What environmental stresses and biological imbalances occur during those incubation years to serve as such fertile ground for cancer and diabetes? It’s the job of functional medicine to answer such questions and provide tailored rebalancing programs for individuals before they find themselves needing drugs, surgery, or medical appliances.

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