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Ozone Therapy in Pearland, TX.

Ozone Therapy

The work of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg showed that decreased oxygen utilization caused by decreased mitochondrial function is the underlying factor in the development and progression of all disease processes. This is partly due to the fact that detoxification is so mitochondrial-dependent. In order for an animal’s body to function at peak efficiency, its mitochondria, which make up 10% of the body weight, need to be operating at their highest potential. They are the batteries of the body’s cells (some individual cells may contain thousands of mitochondria such as in the liver, brain, heart and nerves) and they require oxygen to convert sugars, fats and other chemical fuels into ATP. Ozone Therapy can increase mitochondrial function, thereby helping the body to operate optimally and heal more effectively.

Ozone Therapy Uses

Ozone Therapy is used to disinfect and treat various infectious diseases and improve oxygenation throughout the body. It does this by improving the body’s intake and use of oxygen, since ozone is easily absorbed by the body. Once absorbed by the body, the oxygen molecules stimulate your immune system to begin the natural healing process in infected or injured tissues.
Ozone therapy is used in the body to induce natural cytokines for healing, disinfect tissues, stimulate microcirculation, decrease inflammation and allow muscles to relax. Because ozone is so reactive, it is able to stimulate (fibroblasts) and (chondroblasts) repair of connective tissue and bone from injury. Ozone has also been shown to improve nerve healing and thicken the myelin sheath. Source

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