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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Recover faster with Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

PRP Treatment. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an advanced treatment physicians have used to help repair damaged or injured tissues in your body. This minimally invasive procedure helps initiate your system’s regenerative process by utilizing the growth factors that platelets are known to contain. PRP therapy is autologous, meaning it is derived from the patient, therefore reducing the risk of rejection or allergic reaction. For more information about our PRP treatments, contact our team today! We proudly serve clients throughout League City, TX; Sugar Land, TX; and Pearland, TX.

The Benefits of PRP Therapy

  • Moderate Level of Signaling Molecules
  • Comes from your own blood.
  • Short Recovery time
  • Rapid results with long-term benefits
  • Targeted and accelerated healing

Facts & Information About PRP

The results of a platelet rich plasma treatment is the natural stimulation of growth factors moving towards the treated area. There are no known side effects of PRP, although you may occasionally experience minor swelling or pain near the injection points for a short period of time.

The treatment is simple and can be completed within an hour. A minimal amount of blood is taken from the patient and then placed in a centrifuge for separation. The Platelet Rich Plasma is segmented and transferred to a syringe. PRP is golden in color, viscous and easily injected without pain or downtime.

How Does PRP Work?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is in the category of regenerative therapies that is autologous, meaning that blood is utilized from your own body. Blood contains components called platelets and platelets contain growth factors. Growth factors activate and stimulate cellular regeneration in the body. Source
PRP therapy is effective in the skin for overall rejuvenation and healing, in the joints for pain relief and the repair of soft tissue damage and in the scalp to awaken dormant follicles and stimulate hair growth. When released, growth factors encourage collagen production and the formation of new capillaries. 

PRP has gained national media attention recently due to recognition in efficacy by members of the NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL and MLS. The treatment is quick, minimally invasive and essentially painless. PRP harnesses the body’s natural healing abilities without surgery or drugs.

Possible Conditions Treated by Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Have you been diagnosed with one or more of the following?

  • Tendinitis  
  • Bursitis
  • Hip Arthritis
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • SI Joint Dysfunction

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