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Restorative Therapy

Our Unique Approach to Restorative Therapy

Premier Physical Medicine was founded on the purpose of helping as many people possible with a natural approach. This will limit the need for drugs and surgery. We constantly strive to advance and explore treatments, therapies, and techniques that are natural and can improve an individual’s quality of life. People often ask how we got into restorative therapy. The philosophy is congruent with our approach to health, which is to use therapies that signal the body to heal naturally!

The truth about healing

Healing requires an abundance of healthy cellular activity in our bodies. Adding a simple injection into your body with the idea that it will address years of degeneration and joint corrosion is overly simplistic and shortsighted. This is a mistake that has been made by many clinicians and patients. Unfortunately, we see that narrow perspective time and time again when it comes to a patient’s overall health. This is similar to thinking that taking a multivitamin can offset years of deficiencies and a poor diet. On that point, it’s important to understand that one cannot simply expect restoration in a toxic or depleted environment. For this reason alone, none of our programs are a simple injection. We look at the damaged areas as well as the entire picture of the patient’s health. We look at all healing through an integrative, holistic perspective. This is what sets us apart.

Regenerative Medicine. Showing happy healthy woman walking in the woods with a hat in her hand

Looking at a functional blood panel to explore your individual biological status will help our medical team produce great results by knowing how you are functioning on the inside. This is a step that is unique to our program in which we identify the five roadblocks. The five roadblocks are blood sugar irregularities, thyroid dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies, chronic infections, and systemic inflammation. We then work to provide your body with the correct nutrients, lower inflammation, balance hormones, and educate you on how to eat and how to manage stress. After all, the word “doctor” is derived from the Latin word for “to teach.”

Restorative Therapy Therapy in Pearland Texas

Restorative therapy is the application of several therapies that all have one goal in mind, “to help your body naturally by decreasing pain and inflammation and improving function”. Our bodies have an innate response when injured or invaded by disease, to heal and defend. Restorative therapies work at harnessing and enhancing the body’s own restorative powers. The future of scientific exploration has begun to unlock and utilize the body’s extraordinary ability to heal and restore itself.

Many patients have turned to restorative therapy for treatment options that may help them recover from sports injuries. This can ease chronic pain and even combat the natural effects of aging. Restorative therapies can be used to create effective treatments that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. These therapies have helped countless patients manage their pain and recover from injuries.

Specialized therapies

Ozone Therapy – O3 (ozone) therapy is used in the body to induce natural cytokines for healing, disinfect tissues, stimulate microcirculation, decrease inflammation, and allow muscles to relax. 

Prolotherapy – A procedure where a natural irritant, normally dextrose & b12, is injected into the soft tissue in and around an injured joint. The irritant kick-starts the body’s healing response.

Prolozone Therapy –  A non-surgical procedure to eliminate or drastically reduce pain by facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Perineural Therapy – A proven, safe, effective treatment for patients who may not be candidates for joint replacement surgery or biologic options.

There are many options when it comes to restorative therapies, and many offices and clinicians to choose from. There is only one you, and the entire picture of your health affects your chances of healing. Be sure to choose a team that takes the time to look at the entirety of your health. Contact Premier Physical Medicine for a consultation. Our team is proud to treat clients throughout League City, TX; Friendswood, TX; and Pearland, TX.

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